A.W.Pink on praying for the lost!

“Finally, let us point out a striking omission. If all the apostles prayers be read attentively it will be found that in none of them is any place given to that which occupies such prominence in those of Arminians. Not once do we find God asked to save the world or pour out His Spirit on all flesh. The apostles did not so much pray for the conversion of the city in which a particular Christian church was located. In this they confirmed again to the example set them by Christ, “I pray not for the world” said He “but for them which thou hast given Me” [Jn. 17:9]. Should it be objected that the Lord Jesus was there praying only for His immediate apostles or disciples, the answer is that when He extended His prayer beyond them, it was not for the world, but only for His believing people unto the end of time [see v. 20 – 21]. True, the apostle exhorts that prayers “be made for all [classes of] men; for kings, and for that are in authority” [1 Tim 2:1,2] – in which duty many are woefully remiss – yet it is not for their salvation but “that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty”. We may learn much from the prayers of the apostles.”

[Gleanings from Paul]


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