A.W.Pink on ‘Women Preachers’!

Even ‘orthodox’ Christendom now has a religion of its own, True there is quite a little in it which is scriptural – as there was in the case of the Pharisees, as there is in the case of the Romanists – but there is also much that is unscriptural and anti-scriptural, and it is that which proves (to one governed by the Word) that the Holy Spirit is not behind it. The Holy Spirit has commanded , ‘let your women keep silence in the churches’ [1Cor14;34]; then will the Holy spirit now prompt testimony meetings and mixed prayer meetings where women are encouraged to speak before men? It would be blasphemy to say so.

Test them! God commands us to ‘try’ or ‘test’ them. See 1John 4:1 and observe how Christ commended the church at Ephesus for testing (‘trying’) those who claimed to be apostles – Revelation 2:2.

But how are we to test them? Apply the principle of 2Timothy 4:3; to see if they are teaching ‘sound doctrine’. One part of that ‘sound doctrine’ is the silence of women in the churches – compare 1Timothy 2;12 and 13 – read to them 1Corinthians 14:34 and see if they will endure that! If their hearts are in subjection to God, they will; they will thank you for enlightening them, they will confess and forsake their error. But if their hearts are not in subjection, if in spite of all their seeming sanctity and devotion to the Lord, they are really determined to have their own way, they will quibble, argue, and refuse the light you bring from God’s Word.

Try it out and see for yourself! Approach them meekly and lovingly: tell them that 1Corinthians 14:34 is so plain that it cannot be misunderstood, that it is one of the divine commands for us to obey. Take your stand on that verse firmly and you will not only find that its ‘sound doctrine’ will not be ‘endured’ by them, but they will quickly show that you are not wanted by them!

[Letter to Lowell Green August 19, 1934]


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