A.W.Pink on Avoiding ‘Formal Worship’!

As far as we can see, there are no other children of God abroad. Our fellow-passengers are given up to sport, bathing, dancing etc. We have kept quite to ourselves. This morning they held ‘Divine service’, conducted by the captain. Many would be shocked to hear we did not attend and join in thanking the Creator for journeying mercies. But I think you will now understand. We simply could not have fellowship with those who last night drank and danced and this morning went through a ‘form of godliness’. But we did endeavour to worship our gracious Father in the privacy of our own cabin! I have mentioned this to you (and in none other of my letters) to press on you the force of Ephesians 5;11, 2timothy 3:5. It is in just such matters that Christians either miss or enter into God’s best for them. May he graciously deliver you from the fear of man and keep you in that narrow way which alone leads to life.

 [To Lowell Green, September 9, 1934]


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