A.W.Pink on ‘How to Discern Churches’!

How am I to ascertain whether or not a company of professing Christians (whether in a church, a Bible Institute or anywhere else) will truly help or hinder me? In this way: Does their teaching and influence make my conscience more tender or more callous? Does it emphasize the loftiness of the holy standard God has set before me and make me realize how far, far short I come of it, or does it make me pleased with myself? Does it foster pride because my head is becoming full of prophecies, dispensations, doctrines, giving me so ‘much more light’ than many have? Or does it foster humiliation and shame because I realize what a sad failure I am in putting into practice the things of God! 

[To Lowell Green June 3 1934]

 I was happy to hear that both you and your father had withdrawn from the ‘churches’, and my earnest counsel now is to go mighty s, lowly [Isa 28;16] before you even think of joining another. Investigate thoroughly, and find out what is going on behind the scenes before you apply. A sound man in the pulpit is no proof the membership is a regenerate and spiritual one!

[To Lowell Green, October 14, 1934]


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